Why Would An eBay Reseller Need A Blog?

I know it’s bad form to start an article with “I” or not answer the header question in the first paragraph. Here’s to a different approach to everything. I get a lot of comments about my high sales through rate on eBay and how I must really be awesome at picking products to resell (I am “giggle”) in reality it is Facebook.

Facebook really helped my sales and sourcing in multiple ways. First I was able to interact with more successful sellers and learn from their posts. Second targeted Facebook, yes I spend about $30 a month on Facebook advertising to drive traffic to my eBay stores. By posting a couple of listings a day never more than 2 a day, increased traffic to some of my slower listing 2 out of 5 sell when I do this.

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Facebook Is Great, But It’s Time To Answer The Question Above

It’s a great question why would a eBay reseller even bother with blogging, especially if they have a great social following?

Simply more sales. Thats why most webpages exist for more sales. The almighty Dollar. Keep in mind it’s not because you are a fascinating fellow that has adventures daily. It’s because you need to increase your sales. Even if you have a bunch of repeat customers, to grow you need new customers daily.

There is an art to getting new customers daily. Give them something they want, especially if it is something they didn’t even know they wanted.

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Captain Blogging Is Just Logical

Blogging gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself to a community that has never heard of you. Wait doesn’t that sound like advertising? Why yes it is, it is also considered marketing.

A Blog is like being the publisher of your own electronic newspaper featuring all of your interests. A blog can showcase your expertise, and highlight products that deserve the public spotlight.

Have great products that are slow movers? Write a couple of Blog articles about those items and circulate them through your social media and watch them sell.

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This is really Cool!!

If I can draw your attention to the feedback panel to the right of this text. Trust is incredibly important. Having your most recent eBay feedback shows the reader that you are a trustworthy source.

Good eBay feedback also shows the reader (Your Future Buyer) that you give great customer service and your not gonna grab the cash and dash.

The best thing you can do is be different, and embedding your recent feedback in a blog post is different. Being creative is the best way to draw new attention to your eBay store.

If You Thought That Was Cool, Look It’s My Store!

Attention everyone if I could please have your attention, look to your right and you will see a carousel featuring some of my listings.

Blogging is powerful and can have these widgets and more embedded in all of them. effectively driving traffic to your eBay store.

Remember to keep your blog interesting and give the reader a reason to read, there needs to be a clear benefit to them, otherwise they will find another way to occupy their time.

In a nutshell if you do not have a blog I highly recommend you start one. Feel free to comment below any questions you may have. Also I am always looking for new friends so please reach out with the social media buttons.

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