Earlier today I posted a FB Group “eBay Treasure Hunters” That having your eBay listings on Google Shopping is a huge plus and you only need two things to have it happen:

  1. No water marking or text on your images
  2. Your listings must contain a GTIN

Immediately the questions came flying in…What’s a GTIN? Is it necessary for used items? etc…
This article will answer your questions.


Don’t Worry It’s Just a Barcode

GTIN is just a big scary initialization for the 12 digit UPC barcode that you see on almost everything you buy from Apples to Zip Lock Baggies. When you are in your favorite retailer buying books, collectibles, home furnishings, whatever the barcode they scan is the GTIN. There are some barcodes that are not 12 digits these are not UPCs and can not be used to Universally Identify your products.

If you have ever posted an item on eBay and you entered the UPC number you found on the back of the box right below the barcode? If so then as long as your images do not contain any text or water marking, then you listing should be on Google Shopping.

GTIN Barcodes

Why Not Just Say Barcode?

Quite simply not all barcodes are created equally. Some barcodes just act as an identifier for a companies inventory control system. The 99 Cent Store ever notice that they put their barcode over the GTIN UPC Barcode? Thier barcode is only for thier internal management purposes and can not identify the product by UPC.

GTIN stands for Global Trade Item Number, and UPC stands for Universal Product Code. The image to you left shows what each group of numbers identify.

Doesn’t it look familiar? None of this is new we deal with these codes and numbers almost every time we purchase something.


Does This Apply To Used Items?

When you post a used item you can select UPC Does Not Apply in almost every category. If you can do a little research and find the UPC number which we now know is also the GTIN. Using this number makes your listing highly indexable by all of the internet sales platforms.

You might be wondering how important this is. All of the GTIN info is maintained by a company called GS1. So when a manufacturer makes a change to the product they update the changes in the GTIN database. If your item is 10 years old and blue but 2 years ago the manufacturer changed the color to green, the UPC number will not represent your product properly so beware and remove those wrong features from your listing.


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