They average person has two opinions about online marketing. First opinion is that it is very easy you just need a good idea and some money. Second Opinion is that the internet market is too saturated.

Both opinions do not represent online marketing properly. I have been selling products and services on the internet since late 2006. Although technology and platforms have changed over time but one thing remains the same.

Online marketing has never been a pyramid scheme or some half baked get rich scheme.

I’m not interested in a Pyramid Scheme!!

Nobody said anything about a pyramid scheme but since you brought it up. A pyramid scheme is a business without a product or service it is just money changing hands. This is highly illegal.

We are talking about marketing, which is the science of presenting your product or service to the appropriate consumer group. For example you are selling an alternative energy service. Marketing this service to consumers 16 years of age or younger would be a waste of your advertising dollars.

How does one go about marketing you ask. It is funny should ask, because the answer has been repeated many times.

Ted Thingy

Effective Marketing

The only way to truly market effectively online is by making connections with people by offering them something of value. You need to cultivate web traffic, build a list of email subscribers, and interact with your subscribers.

All of the large retailers accomplish this, i.e. ever get a sale flyer emailed to you by, Walmart, Target, Microsoft, Apple, just to name a few. Communicating and giving people a reason to find you on the web is the road to success.

Milton was told

I sell on eBay, They Market For Me!!

eBay is the site where a lot of people made their first dollar in online sales. eBay is excellent especially if you need to flip something of value quickly. eBay is so effective I have 2 stores on eBay.

That being said if you really want to sky rocket your sell through rate you really need to learn some online marketing techniques for your self.

To conclude this article I would like to leave you with this. If you want to learn more about how online marketing can help you eBay sales or any other platform you sell on sign up for my PowerSeller newsletter it’s free and helpful.

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